Lori Patterson

Lori Patterson

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Now thats called CHANGE!

Hey BCC Peeps, hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend.  Mine was awesome.  I did intend to get more work done, but instead played with my family all weekend.  Loved it!  I also had an "ah - ha" moment on Monday.  My husband and I decided to go on a run in the morn and invited all the teenagers.  The shocker, they all WANTED to take a long run with us.  And not only our teenagers, but also all the neighborhood teens as well!   I was so shocked by this because when I was a teenager, I wanted coffee and a cigarette for breakfast, not a 5 mile run!  That is when I realized my husband and I truly created CHANGE.  I feel super blessed that my children are growing up in a healthier, more educated time.  Now, if we can just educate the rest of the world!


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