Lori Patterson

Lori Patterson

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gym Doors Are Closing...Not OK

This past weekend I heard some alarming information.  Three of the top five major players in the fitness industry will claim bankruptcy within the next two years.  One already has, and two others are right behind them.  This is unacceptable.  This is not the time in history when gym doors can close!  We have an obesity epidemic (and the most alarming population to join is our kids!), a major recession and a lack of professionals to spread knowledge to the general population!  Here is what I say to you, gym owners...figure it out!  Introduce fee based solutions.  Step up your customer service.  Generate a revenue stream in your group exercise room.  Invest in your employees.  Now is not the time to sit and watch...take action and Keep your doors open!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

Hey Mates, hope you are having a fabulous day!  I am currently traveling about England and  thought I would share with you some strategy's to stay healthy while on vacation!  (I have had to apply ALL of these to my vacation!) 
First,  here are some tips to keep moving WHILE you are sightseeing...
  •  Take the stairs instead of the escalators.  Yes, you may be the only one on the stairs,, but do it anyway.  It is an opportunity to increase your heart rate, increase your blood flow and burn a few calories.
  • Walk instead of taking a cab.  Now, I know there are times when a cab is a must, but if you are just traveling from Harrods to Buckingham Palace, take a stroll.  Much better for you and you can see more of the city!
The next tip to staying healthy while on holiday is your nutrition.  Now, I do know eating in strange cities can pose a challenge, however, you can definitely minimize the ill effects of unwanted calories by following the few steps below...
  • Share a meal.  When you dine out, order one entree and share.  Yes, I said share!
  • Order a salad and appetizers.  These are usually smaller proportions and you have the opportunity to try several different foods instead of one plate with loads of one type of food!
And our last tip, stay hydrated!!  Most people know to hydrate when they are on a plane or train, but they forget to drink when they arrive at their destination.  Keep a bottle of water on your person at all times.  Once you leave the US,  lots of restaurants DO NOT serve water, even when you request it.

I hope these tips help you stay healthy and fit on your holiday.  They have definitely helped me while over here across the pond! 

Hoo Aah!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10 Years

I have to say, I am feeling a bit reflective of late.  This October we are celebrating 10 years of launching Boot Camp Challenge®.  So, I decided I would take you down memory lane and show you what "basic boot camp" (original name) looked like 10 years ago...
  • I thought launching a fitness class at 6am was STUPID!
  • Our first assessments consisted of body comp, measurements and a TWO mile run (which no one completed).
  • We had no consent and waiver forms.  I KNOW, my attorney's would have KILLED me.
  • We had no nutritional component.  We were going to "outsource" that!
  • Said this would be the only camp I would do.  Again, I did NOT want to get up this early on a regular basis. 
  • I was the only trainer.
  • I did not believe the results of all the campers at the end of camp.  People don't lose that much body fat in 6 weeks.  I only did a second one to make sure the results were accurate.  (They were :)
And the rest, as they say, is history.
  Here is to another 10 years of great successes with Boot Camp Challenge®.  Except this time, YOU will help create the memories. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Now thats called CHANGE!

Hey BCC Peeps, hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend.  Mine was awesome.  I did intend to get more work done, but instead played with my family all weekend.  Loved it!  I also had an "ah - ha" moment on Monday.  My husband and I decided to go on a run in the morn and invited all the teenagers.  The shocker, they all WANTED to take a long run with us.  And not only our teenagers, but also all the neighborhood teens as well!   I was so shocked by this because when I was a teenager, I wanted coffee and a cigarette for breakfast, not a 5 mile run!  That is when I realized my husband and I truly created CHANGE.  I feel super blessed that my children are growing up in a healthier, more educated time.  Now, if we can just educate the rest of the world!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Well Hello!

Hey BCC Peeps, welcome to our blog.  Since this is our first posting, I think introductions are in order.  My name is Lori Patterson and I am the creator of Boot Camp Challenge®.  Below is a brief history of me and the evolution of BCC as it appears in the Sept./Oct. issue of the American Fitness Magazine.  Woot Woot!

Boot camps - they are everywhere, as are trainers wanting to know how to create one, how to launch one and how to manage one. But these are questions I never had to ask; I "accidentally" created one. I entered the fitness industry over 26 years ago, before it was technically an "industry,"   I started as a sales representative for a health club, and teaching "aerobic" classes was mandatory. That is when I discovered my passion. I then joined the United States Army and was stationed in Germany. It was during my tour when I was asked to provide a workout program for our battalion during the winter months (teaching group exercise to 300 troops and cadre at 6:00 AM was definitely a challenge!). After leaving the military, I returned to the US and continued my formal education at the University of South Florida while directing a group exercise program at a local health club. It was during this time I also discovered AFAA.  In 1991 I sat for my first AFAA workshop; the Primary Certification.   I had such a great experience; I knew I wanted to work with this organization.  So, I began my journey and eventually became an AFAA Master Specialist.  During that time, I also became a Personal Trainer, adding one-on-one training to my job description.  After many years of doing it all; group exercise instructor, personal trainer, individual fitness professional and facility owner, I "accidentally" created an amazing program that is not only a huge success for all the participants but also for trainers and facilities: Boot Camp Challenge®.

The first question always posed is "What is Boot Camp Challenge® (BCC)?"

The answer is two-fold.  First, it is a successful, blue-printed business model for fitness facilities and individual fitness professionals guaranteed to provide a revenue stream.  (And I know this for certain from all my many, many mistakes and some great successes!)   The second, and perhaps the most life changing, is the programming used to help participants reach their short-term goals. Our program always includes fitness assessments, nutrition and military-style workouts.   Trainees and Trainers also feel the essence of the US military in our programming.  We create and encourage camaraderie and cohesion with all our troops.

BCC has been a huge success on many levels:

Trainees - Because trainers create a baseline to measure their results, trainees see their changes at the end of the program. This, in turn, allows them to feel successful; they tell their friends and come back for more - the average Boot Camp Challenge® trainee returns for three consecutive boot camps and loses over 4% body fat!

Trainers - During a BCC session, as the trainer, you have the opportunity to build a team.  As the "drill sergeant", you promote camaraderie, cohesion and esprit de corp.  You are building a team, a unit.   At the end of every boot camp session, as the trainer, you are present to witness lifestyle changes made by your trainees and amazing changes in their bodies.   It is on these days that it makes being a trainer and the early-morning wake-up calls all worth it.

Individual Fitness Professional (IFP) - Many fitness professionals would like to own their own business but do not have the desire to own brick and mortar.  Because BCC can be launched anywhere/anytime, it is the perfect solution.  Many of our 'zee's have gone from "doing it all" and "training clients twelve hours a day" to only launching BCC. 

Facility Owners- Statistics have shown fitness facilities cannot rely on membership dues alone to keep the doors open; they must have profit centers and fee based programming in place.  The facilities that have a successful "battle plan" in place are the ones that will win the war!

I launched BCC over ten years ago.  When it began, I had no idea it would be such a success and such a solution in so many ways!  What began as a vision to assist my own clients in reaching their goals and sharing my business acumen with my colleagues has turned into an incredible journey.   I never dreamed ALL my experiences, knowledge, and education would result in one program called Boot Camp Challenge®. 

Boot Camp Challenge® is currently being launched in the following states;  California, Colorado, Connecticut,  Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia,  Wisconsin,  and, of course, St. Louis, Missouri.

We are changing lives one push-up at a time! Hoo-aah!

So, that is a little about me.   I'll try to write frequently to keep you in the loop.  I will warn you though, I am FUNNY!